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In a short film we present the essence of the study "Status of German Fashion". At European level, Germany occupies second place among the largest fashion brand providers, just behind Italy, but ahead of France, Portugal and Spain, which makes it clear that Germany as a fashion location is highly relevant both nationally and internationally. Nevertheless, there has so far been a lack of political and social acceptance of fashion as an important economic and cultural asset.
The study published by the Fashion Council Germany also shows that the requirements for the fashion industry have been redefined by Corona. During the lockdown, the industry, especially stationary retail, recorded a drastic decline in sales, which was partially offset by the increased online business. But that is not enough. The pandemic makes it clear that a system change that has long been necessary, and thus a transformation, must take place, above all in terms of technology, digital and sustainability. In addition to political support, this also requires all of us to rethink.

Status of German Fashion





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