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How important is Creativity in the discussion of Sustainability? A talk with Bernd Skupin (Editor, Vogue Germany), Thomas Willemeit (Founding Partner, GRAFT), Nicole Atieno (Model, Stylist), Johann Koenig (Entrepreneur & Art Mediator, KÖNIG GALERIE), Alexi Lubomirski (Photographer) and Lutz Huelle (Founder, Lutz Huelle).

Never before did the European Commission place beauty so high on its policy agenda. Through the New European Bauhaus initiative, the idea is to unite and bring together people from different areas and backgrounds to open and co-create a new future, a new way of thinking, and to go full hands-on in building the new and innovative Europe. Building a new school of thought and convening an exchange of ideas between students and teachers, artists and designers, policy makers and practitioners in the public and private sector. Creative and culture industries have been highly affected due by the health crisis. Will this initiative be an opportunity for the reinvention of our design, art and architecture practices? Can beauty be transformed from being exclusive, exhaustible, and disposable resource into a real public good?

Werkstatt: The Power of Creativity


30:00 Min

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