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Ursula von der Leyen (President, European Commission) will hold the opening speech and share her views on the New European Bauhaus movement and the importance of the creative industries.

In September 2020 President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen launched her New European Bauhaus project, as part of the Green Deal by aiming to connect, to build and to create a design movement based on sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion. Showing that creativity is in finding affordable, inclusive, and attractive solutions for our climate challenges. Why is there such a perceived gulf in the valuing of the skill sets of European artisans and global artisans? The COVID crisis has shown that many topics are interlinked, and that new thinking comes from breaking silos, just as the Bauhaus movement did one hundred years ago. The New European Bauhaus is an interdisciplinary crossroads project to identify, accelerate and materialise good and creative ideas. The fashion industry has a strong aim to participate and offer creative solutions to this movement.

Fashion Council Germany is an official partner of The New European Bauhaus project.

The New European Bauhaus


10:00 Min

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