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Christiane Arp (Chairwoman & Founding Member, Fashion Council Germany) will discuss with Lucie & Luke Meier (Creative Directors, Jil Sander) about the sustainable future of our industry.

The Bauhaus movement was a source of inspiration to Jil Sander during her entire career. She liked the idea of applying rational functions to the design of daily life, by creating direct connections between nature and clothing.
Sander’s simplicity and competence to make the clothes in a pure and minimalistic way, is carved in the European fashion history. Since 2017 the Meiers, wife and husband Lucie and Luke took office and they dove to the deep soul of the Jil Sander brand. Coming from different backgrounds, European vs Canadian, haute couture vs streetwear – Lucie and Luke strongly believe in the power of clothing and they promote the unapologetic minimalism that Jil Sander herself founded. The relevance of beauty, bauhaus and sustainability through the eyes of the Meiers – in conversation with Christiane Arp.

Sustainable Fashion


15:00 Min

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