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Philipp Löwe (Editor, Der Spiegel) talks with Thorsten Mindermann (Regional Manager Central Europe, H&M) and Dirk Schönberger (Global Creative Officer, MCM) about a global responsibility.

The Fashion industry has been under the microscope for irresponsible behaviour such as environmental harms and labour exploitation and inferior product quality in the case of the fast-fashion industry. Since the Rana Plaza tragedy in 2013 various initiatives have been started and accords have been concluded to take social and environmental responsibility on a global scale and to prevent history from repeating itself: the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety, the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and more recently the Fashion Pact.

The first steps of taking responsibility to transform the industry by breaking down competition and bringing together the fashion industry to work together towards clear common goals. Only collective action and global solidarity could change the environmentally harmful impact of the fashion industry. What is the status almost 8 years and a pandemic later?

Global Responsibility


15:00 Min

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