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Fashion Council Germany
20. Mai 2021

As part of „The New European Bauhaus“ movement, Fashion Council Germany is organising the first conference "The New European Bauhaus – Werkstatt der Zukunft". Together with renowned voices from the fields of fashion, design, art, culture, education, digitalisation and technology, the exchange will find solutions to create a sustainable, inclusive and thus more desirable fashion industry. The conference series will be launched on 6 July 2021 in cooperation with Frankfurt Fashion Week.

The opening speech of the conference "The New European Bauhaus - Werkstatt der Zukunft" will be held by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. Inspired by her initiative "The New European Bauhaus", which she first presented in her "State of the Union" speech in September 2020, Fashion Council Germany, in cooperation with Frankfurt Fashion Week, is organising the conference Werkstatt der Zukunft (Translation: Workshop of the future).

With a manifesto for a systemic change in the fashion industry, the focus will be on sustainability, inclusion, design, craft, production, technology and digitalisation. The launch event of the conference series will be digitally accessible for everyone with a previous registration. It will also be integrated in the FFW STUDIO of Frankfurt Fashion Week.

Following the historical model, the "New European Bauhaus" movement is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative, convening a space of encounter to design future ways of living, situated at the crossroads between art, culture, social inclusion, science and technology. It brings the Green Deal to our living places and calls for a collective effort to imagine and build a future that is sustainable, inclusive and beautiful for our minds and for our souls. The "New European Bauhaus - Werkstatt der Zukunft" conference will convert this movement to the fashion industry for the first time.

"We need creative ideas to make sustainable fashion more attractive. The combination of resource-friendly technologies with innovative design creates a new desirability – fashion should touch us emotionally and needs to become fun again." Christiane Arp, President and Founding Member of the Fashion Council Germany

The interviews, panels, discussions and talks will be held in live conversations in combination with recorded video contributions from all over Europe. The speakers program and topics will be announced in early June when the official registration starts.

"We are very excited to bring The New European Bauhaus movement to fashion and design in Germany. Whether you are an industry expert or an individual, everyone is welcome to attend the conference and join us in moving the European fashion industry for a sustainable, inclusive and beautiful future." Scott Lipinski, CEO Fashion Council Germany

Stakeholders from the fashion industry as well as cross-sector interest groups are warmly invited to participate in the conference. The pre-registration can be submitted on the website

The motto of the conference „The New European Bauhaus – Werkstatt der Zukunft“ by Fashion Council Germany during Frankfurt Fashion Week: Re-imagine your future is today. Re-think your actions now. Re-design by using sustainable solutions. Re-build by taking responsibility. Be part of something beautiful, together with us!

1st Announcement: „The New European Bauhaus – Werkstatt der Zukunft“ conference by Fashion Council Germany

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